OWS - A Gateway To India
Oil Field Warehouse & Services Ltd. (OWS) specializes in helping international companies enter the Indian market through its unique Freezone (SEZ) based warehousing model.

With facilities in Vizag SEZ on the East Coast of India and Mundra SEZ on the West Coast of India, OWS helps its clients build duty free consolidation points within India to act as distribution or rental hubs capable of servicing the entire Indian subcontinent.

Advantages of Freezone Based Warehousing
Below are some of the primary advantages of Freezone Based Warehousing offered by OWS through its facilities in Mundra (Gujarat) and Vizag (Andhra Pradesh):

Duty Free Consolidation & Better Cash Flow Management

OWS provides Freezone based warehousing and material management services that provide duty free consolidation points for imported items within India. As a SEZ is an earmarked foreign territory for the purposes of duties and taxes, clients are able to store their goods for any duration of time without having to pay any duties or taxes in India. This helps in better cash flow management as our clients are able to procure items in bulk, but need to pay duty only on specified quantities needed for immediate consumption or sale.

Improved Asset Utilization

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the OWS model are international companies that provide specialized rental equipment in India. By eliminating the need for physical export to a third country during idle time, our client's equipment can now spend more time as a revenue generating rental tool than a cost incurring freight item.

Eliminate Demurrage Charges

OWS helps eliminate a major pain point for regular importers - excessive demurrage and port storage charges due to delays in clearance on where accounts.

Re-Export Of Excess Capacity Imports

Our SEZ model is also beneficial in cases where a customer wishes to re-export or return the imported items, either to the original shipper or a third party. As long as the goods are stored in the SEZ, they can be freely exported to any third country without any impact of local duties or taxes.
A Plug-n-Play Model
  • Duty free consolidation point 
  • Better Cash Flow Management
  • No time bound restrictions on storage
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Elimination of Demmurage Charges
  • Re-export excess capacity
Better Imports Management - the OWS way

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